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If you're looking for simple ways to get free bitcoins, you've got tons of options.

Whether you're a new bitcoin user looking to get your hands dirty with your first bitcoin wallet, or just looking for additional ways to earn free bitcoin for performing simple tasks, this site contains an up-to-date list of the best free bitcoin websites.

Each of the sites below allows you to earn free bitcoin: some by viewing ads, some by answering captcha challenges, and some by doing crowdsourced work. If you're looking to earn some free bitcoin, you came to the right place.

Top Sites


BitVisitor pays you bitcoin for visiting websites. BitVisitor shows you each website for 5 minutes (during which time you can check out the site), and pays you for each site you visit. Between sites, you're required to enter a captcha.

Coin Tube

CoinTube is a simple service where you can earn free bitcoin by watching videos and entering captcha checks.

Bitcoin Get

Bitcoin Get is a crowdsourced bitcoin site. What this means is that once you've created an account, you can complete a variety of tasks (perform web tasks, watch videos, etc.), and get paid in bitcoin for doing so. One of the best free bitcoin sites around.

I Want Free Bitcoins

I Want Free Bitcoins is a site that pays you bitcoin for completing various offers. These tend to include things like: playing a simple web game for a few minutes, filling out a Facebook survey, etc. There are a mix of offers the site supports, so there's quite a lot of variety.


CoinVisitor pays you bitcoin for viewing websites and solving captcha challenges. What's great about this service is that you only need to view the sites for 10 seconds at a time, so it's a quick process.

Earn Free Bitcoins

Like BitVisitor, Earn Free Bitcoins pays you bitcoin for visiting websites.

Bitcoin 4 You

This is another site viewing service, through which you visit sites for 3 minutes at a time, and receive a small amount of bitcoin for each website view.

Free BTC

Once you've created an account, Free BTC allows you to watch videos in your browser and earn bitcoin for each video watched. The site has a lot of content, which makes it easy to earn some free bitcoin.

Free Digital Money

This service allows you to complete various tasks in exchange for bitcoin. They have an enormous variety of tasks, so you have plenty of options to choose from.


Rugatu is a question and answer site, which awards bitcoin to the person whose answer has been chosen.

Bitcoin Services

Bitcoin Services is another free bitcoin site which allows you to complete offers (some free, some paid), answer surveys, and download software to earn bitcoin. You can also watch videos to earn bitcoin (although, they seem to have a limited quantity).

Half Hourly Sites

Can Has Bitcoin?

A funny looking free bitcoin site. Much like many of the other sites listed, enter your bitcoin address, solve the captcha, and get some free bitcoin.

BTC 4 You

Free bitcoin after passing a captcha check.

Faucet BTC

Another simple free bitcoin site.

Free Bitcoins

One of the better looking free bitcoin sites: enter your bitcoin address and pass the captcha check, and earn some bitcoin.

The Free Bitcoins

Identical to the site above, but with a different colorscheme.

Virtual Faucet

Yet another simple free bitcoin site, similar to the above.

Free BTC 4 All

Fill out the captch and enter your bitcoin address to receive a small amount of free bitcoin.

Hourly Sites

Bitcoins 4 Me

Enter your bitcoin address and pass a captcha check, and you'll get a small amount of bitcoin.


Another simple free bitcoin site that requires passing a captcha check.

Daily Bitcoins

Despite the name 'Daily Bitcoins', this service gives you a small amount of bitcoin for free every hour.

Half Daily Sites


After passing a simple captcha check BitcoinAR will send you a small amount of free bitcoin.

Daily Sites


NetLookup is a simple free bitcoin site. Just enter your bitcoin address and they'll send you some free bitcoin -- no captcha required.


BitHits gives you a small amount of bitcoin -- no captcha required.

Bitcoin Addict

Enter your bitcoin address and solve a captcha, and you might win the daily jackpot.


Enter your bitcoin address and solve a captcha to get a small amount of bitcoin. The payout varies by the hour.

Bunny Run

This site lets you pick a bunny in a virtual race, and pays you a small amount of bitcoin depending on which place your bunny comes in.

Coin Ticket

Receive a small amount of bitcoin by entering your bitcoin address and solving a captcha.

Bitcoin Tree

Like some of the sites above, Bitcoin Tree gives you a small amount of bitcoin after you pass a captcha check.


Vote for your favorite wallpaper and receive a small amount of free bitcoin.

Infrequent Sites

Bitcoin Dispenser

Bitcoin Dispenser is a free bitcoin lottery. Enter your bitcoin address, and every so often a random winner will be selected, and all the donated funds will be given to the winner. Although the lottery is infrequent, you can win a decent amount of bitcoin.


BitCrate is a small bitcoin game where you break a crate and win some bitcoin. The site is updated frequently, but they run out of bitcoin quickly, which is why it's listed under the Infrequent Sites category.

The Bitcoin Faucet

The Bitcoin Faucet is an interesting game. The way it works is that people donate bitcoin into the pot, and once the pot is full a single lucky user will get an entire bitcoin. Worth playing, since the payout is extremely high.

Bitcoin AdSmart

The way Bitcoin AdSmart works is that once every 150 users enter their bitcoin addresses, a single user is chosen at random to win some free bitcoin.

One Time Sites

Bitcoin Faucet

This service sends you SMS messages (no more than 2 per month) advertising bitcoin related services, and, in turn, gives you free bitcoin.


This service pays you a small amount of bitcoin for answering a captcha check.


This service pays you a small amount of bitcoin for answering a captcha check. (Almost idential to the service above.)


Send this bot a message on Twitter with your bitcoin address, and it'll send you some bitcoin :)

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