BitCoin The BitCoin is a open, fully Decentralized Online-Currency, which is based on a cryptographik encryption. With the P2P System it is very secure and Easy to use. The Maximum Amount of BitCoins is 21 Millionen (Mio.) Worldwide, this makes a stable worth. No Banks and no Country's (States / Gouverments) are involved with the BitCoin. The BitCoin is transparent and secure.

First Steps - How to Start with BitCoin? ; The BitCoin Wallet

To get startet into the World of BitCoins, you will need a BitCoin Wallet.
A BitCoin-Wallet ist a "BitCoin-Address" where the BitCoins get saved.
There are a few of Ways to Create your own BitCoin-Wallet:

1. The BitCoin-Qt Wallet (The Original from

This is a Wallet, where the BitCoins are saved on your Computer:

Bitcoin Wallet Windows BitCoin Wallet Linux BitCoin Wallet Macintosh
BitCoin Wallet
Windows (9,2 MB)
BitCoin Wallet
Linux Codes & Binaries (11,1 MB)
BitCoin Wallet
Mac (12 MB)

But Remeber: With this Wallet- Computer / Harddsik Death = Coins are Lost for Ever !

2. The BitCoin-Paper Wallet

A paper wallet is a way to store Bitcoins that involves printing the Bitcoin addresses (With QR-Code for userfriendly Use) and private keys (With QR-Code, too) directly on a piece of paper. When done properly, paper wallets are one of the safest ways possible to store Bitcoins, because you can put the BitCoin Paper in a "Safe" or something else secure.

Go to the "BitCoin Paper-Wallet Generator" -Click here-

Wir aktzeptieren BitCoin als bezahlung

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